Château de la Brède | 2016 restoration campaign of the Château de la Brède
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2016 restoration campaign of the Château de la Brède

23 Mar 2016 restoration campaign of the Château de la Brède

Since 2008, the Foundation Jacqueline de Chabannes, which aims to promote knowledge, conservation and development of heritage attached to the memory of Montesquieu, launched important restoration works in the domain of La Brède, both the Castle and the Park, to maintain this high place of culture and heritage.

During mid-2016, restoration works are carried out on the roof and the frame of the Château de La Brède. They will continue until July 2016.

In the fourth quarter of 2016 will begin work inside the castle to, inter alia, update a fresco from the 15th century in the library of Montesquieu. Some paintings and a few pieces of furniture will then be removed from the circuit of the visit to be also restored or maintained.

These successive restoration campaigns will sometimes create some changes in visitation. Please forgive us, but these ‘inconveniences’ meet the mission which the Fondation Jacqueline de Chabannes and the regional Direction of Cultural Affairs (D.R.A.C.) have to fulfil: “put the restoration of historical monuments in the heart of a territorial dynamics, both economic and tourist, but above all cultural. »